Brandon University Club Day

(Krista Mills / The Quill)

Clubs of all sizes and faculties gathered for the first time in 2017 for Club Day in order to bring new recruits and initiates into the exclusive underworld of BU’s club life. There were roughly 7 of the over 20 clubs present in the Mingling Area on January 4th. Although an event like this was meant to bring new people in for the club, some clubs received no members while the greatest number received was about seven.

For those of you who want to join a club, but were not able to attend club day, there are still many options for you. For example: you can go talk to BUSU in the KDC building, or check out their website at They will put you in touch with the proper people who can give you the help you find out the clubs activities, when that club is hosting an event, or when they have their meetings.

There are clubs available for everyone, whether you’re into creative writing, biology, history, chemistry, math, politics, anthropology, disaster emergencies, psychology, music, geology, education, business, geography, physical education, pre-veterinary, or health studies there is a club for you! There are also a variety of other clubs that are belief based, opposed to just studies or interests.

The Brandon University Gaming Association is in a league all by itself with some of the highest member involvement numbers, and is the most frequent host of large-scale events. If you do not fit in with any of the clubs and want to create one with a new identity that is also an option. The papers to create a new club can be found online at the BUSU website. As long as you meet the criteria, and have the patience to follow through with all the paper work it feels like an accomplishment, and is a great way to meet new people.

Besides the clubs, there are also collectives available for people to join: LGBTTQ*, Aboriginal Student Council, and the Women’s collective. For people who are new to the country there is also an International Students Organization on campus you can join.