The Interim President and You: An Academic Introduction

Dr. Steven Robinson. (Brandon University)

Brandon University (BU) currently has an Interim President in place and has been on the search for a full time President since the resignation of President Gervan Fearon. This occurred two months ago when Dr. Steven Robinson stepped in to serve as the Acting President and the political face of Brandon University. It was a natural choice and smooth transition from Vice President to President, as Dr. Robinson had served as VP (Academic and Provost) since 2015.

Dr. Robinson joined the BU team back in 1996 when he entered the Department of Philosophy. In previous years, he has lectured at both the University of Regina and the University of Guelph. Since being at BU, he was promoted to Associate Professor and served three terms as Chair of the Philosophy Department.

Acting President Steven Robinson has taught widely in his field and accepted several jobs with regards to administration. Dr. Robinson has taught subjects from Logic to Ethics and Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics and Democracy. He has served as the Associate Dean of Arts and Acting Dean of Arts, served on the BU Senate and the BU Board of Governors, as well as one of the University’s Conflict Resolution Advisors.

Dr. Robinson has been seen as the ideal choice as the President of BU due to his involvement and hard work within several of the University’s ongoing initiatives. Taking a leading role and guiding hand in ideas for the Campus Master Plan and BU’s downtown initiative, Dr. Robinson is sure to keep the ball rolling.

It is currently unbeknownst to this reporter as to when a new president will be chosen or how that system even works. Perhaps if one of you, our many dozens of readers, could discover it, please let us know. We are always interested in informing the BU student body with the most relevant and intriguing of articles, so if anyone has any further information please reach out, and have a delightful day.