Homecoming 2017 Approaches

Homecoming 2017 is taking place October 12th through 15th and already supporting a list of attendees, so visit the Brandon University website in order to register and check out a full list of activities and their details online!

On October 12th, the Celebration of Authors in the BU Journal of Graduate Studies in Education, will be taking place along with the Special Homecoming Concert and Reception. All guests are welcome to the Celebration of Authors, and if you RSVP’d by September 30th your copy of a journal will be reserved. The Concert and Reception is complimentary to all registered guests.

October 13th sees activities such as Women’s Volleyball and the Homecoming Kick-Off where food and refreshments will be served in the alumni lounge, October 14th will have the Athletics Hall of Fame Brunch, Bobcat’s Women’s and Men’s Soccer, Campus Tours to refresh your memories of times past and revisit your old haunts, Dinner and Awards, and in addition there will also be a Football Reunion gathering at the Brandon University’s Healthy Living Centre at 6:00PM.

October 15th will see you off with a brunch and an open mic giving you the opportunity to regale your audience with past exploits. These aren’t the only activities though, after you register go to the website and check out a full list with the necessary details!

The Brandon University website (brandonu.ca) has a link leading to their homecoming information, under which you can find information such as class and team reunions, travel information, and a handy list of current attendees that’ll give you an idea of who you’re going to see there. Not to mention a registration form that will allow you to register for both the homecoming itself and the events, including the purchasing of any necessary tickets.

Enjoy your weekend!