The Quill to Host Writing Contest

With Halloween quickly approaching, and with an Editor-in-Chief who absolutely loves the written word, what better thing is there than the possibility of a writing contest?

We’d love for Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College students to submit their spooky tales to us in exchange for the chance to win a publishing credit in the October 31st edition of The Quill as well as a gift card to Forbidden Flavours in the amount of $20!

Do you enjoy the creepy crawlies, the spine tingles, and the heart palpitations associated with horror? Do you love a good psychological thriller? Are blood and guts spewed everywhere in a room with only a rusty saw and a tape recorder your idea of a good time? Maybe you just want to write a biography of Quentin, the time travelling advice columnist of years past, whom is rumoured to be lurking in the bell tower of Clark Hall, biding his time to take his revenge against the Glow Cloud and the Gladiator who banished him from The Quill office. Write it all out and submit it to!

Submissions are asked to be a maximum of 500 words, and can be any form you want: short story, a poem, or short, short play. If you can write it, we want to read it! Added bonus: for all those creative types whose strong suit may not be writing, submit a picture, spooky photo (photoshop is an art. No one can convince me otherwise), or even a video clip*!

Deadline for interested parties to be considered would be Friday, October 20th, at 5:00PM. Pop by The Quill office for more information.

*Videos would need to be no more than ten minutes and length and would be featured on our website,