CBC Future Forty Under 40 Honours Young Manitobans

CBC's Vancouver studios. (Bull-Doser/Wikimedia Commons)

Manitoba aims to celebrate the province’s new generation of leaders, builders, and change-makers under the age of 40. The province is looking for people who have passion for their province and are wanting to work towards making the future brighter and better for their friends and neighbours. This could be through small changes within their home community or by affecting the province at large.

More then 170 young people were nominated for the 2017 CBC Manitoba Future Forty Under 40 list. The nominees are all young people eager to do good in the province and to make changes for the future. Some are artists, some are novelists, and many do a lot of volunteer work in their community.

Many of the young people who received nominations for this honor were part of an organization that sought to improve aspects of many Manitoban’s lives, such as working with organizations like The Salvation Army. While there are too many candidates to discuss each individually, here are a few that this article can highlight:

One such person is Aly Raposo. Raposo is finishing her education at the University of Manitoba while also taking part in raising awareness about and to destigmatize mental illness. This includes holding the relevant authorities accountable for inadequate levels of services for Manitobans and suggesting priorities for improving provisions for mental health.

There is also Jonathon Foord. Foord is currently working to implement Winnipeg’s first Transportation Management Centre (TMC). His vision is long-term and extends to improved planning, better and faster emergency responses to save lives, and many more plans to improve services. His efforts are attracting international attention, and Foord was recently invited to speak at the Waze Global Summit in New York.

A third candidate is Andrew Kaplan. His energy and passion acts to inspire and educate his students both in the classroom and in the variety of programs he supports. He helped start his school’s first gay-straight alliance group, which won the Sybil Shack Human Rights Youth Award.

There are many more Manitobans on this list who do amazing things to better themselves and everyone around them. It is inspiring and wonderful to know that these people are here to help the future of Manitoba. To read more about the candidates, do a Google search for “CBC Manitoba Future 40.