Students’ Union Election Results Are In

Vice-President Internal candidate Emily Simon, and presidential candidates Dylan Hoppe and Nick Brown, with RO Krystal Kayne. (Credit: Logan Praznik/The Quill)

With the Regular Elections for the Brandon University Students’ Union taking place last week, a new council has been elected with both new and old faces, and is set to take office starting May 1st, 2017.

Candidate Nick Brown was reelected for President, with 53.3% (171) of votes in support.

Candidate Emily Simon was elected for Vice President Internal, with 86.4% (273) of votes in support.

Candidate Whitney Hodgins was reelected for Accessibility Director, with 75.7% (28) of votes in support.

Candidate Laura Davidson was reelected for Arts Director, with 78.9% (101) of votes in support.

Candidate Meg Stade was reelected for Health Studies Director, with 79.2% (38) of votes in support.

Candidate Sheree Blacksmith was reelected for Indigenous Peoples’ Director, with 96.8% (30) of votes in support.

Candidate Saint Osaretin was elected for International Director, with 66.4% (75) of votes in support.

Candidate Brooklyn Friesen was elected for Music Director, with 100% (19) of votes in support.

Candidate Maya Sturrup was elected for Racialized Director, with 93.9% (154) of votes in support.

Candidate Armando Galindo was elected for Residence Director, with 55.6% (45) of votes in support.

Candidate Lisa Mizan was elected for Women’s Director, with 79.6% (121) of votes in support.

Positions that will be vacant once the new council takes office include: Vice President External, Science Director, Education Director, Graduate Studies Director, Part-Time/Mature Director, and Sexuality and Gender-Based Director. More information on how these positions will be filled, or what will be done with them, will come once the new council takes office on May 1st.

In response to the turn out of the elections, current Vice President External Trevor Poole said “It was excellent to see a larger field of candidates with a range of new and old faces getting elected. We hope the student turn out will translate [into] higher involvement in other BUSU happenings throughout the remainder of the year.” A total of 327 students voted in this election, representing 10.64% of the student population (based on the 2015 total enrollment number of 3073 students).

Information on what the candidates are intending to accomplish during their elected term can be found on Page 2 of this issue, which details the comments made at the Elections Debate last week, as well as information stated in candidates’ letters of intent. Information on candidates can also be found online at and in Issue 23/Vol. 107, in the form of short interviews which most candidates participated in.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 24, March 7th, 2017.