Student Leadership Certificate Program

Students who partook in the program in 2017. (Credit: BU Communications)

Over the course of this past academic year more than twenty-five students have been recognized for their leadership. This has been through the Student Leader Certificate Program which wrapped up recently, on March 21st. The program includes 8 free workshops to develop leadership skills while including Indigenous perspectives to build a more inclusive community.

The participants of the leadership group were chosen from a group of students who were involved in BU initiatives such as Student Leaders, Mentors, Tutors or Residence Assistants. The group alsoincluded representatives from the student government, clubs or collectives and those who are positioning themselves for future careers in education or health care. 

Brandon University is proud to be able to produce so many quality leaders, said Dr. Steven Robinson BU’s Vice-President, continuing to say that the University strives to spark leadership and community engagement. Students say they gained a lot from this opportunity and certainly benefitted from the presenters and guest speakers. Nolan Queen, an education student, said it was motivating when professors came out to talk to those who would only get to see them in classes otherwise. He said it was awesome to see the professors outside of class giving more of themselves. 

Speakers who came out to the celebration dinner that was held featured Tasha Spillett, a post secondary teacher who specializes in Indigenous land based education, and Leonard Sumner an Anishinaabe MC/songwriter/singer. Spillett shared her story of leadership, discussing her experiences pursuing education and learning to lead as an Indigenous woman. She gave a motivating speech and offered encouragement for students as they prepare for their own future. After the dinner Sumner performed for the students.

For any information on the Student Certificate Program you can email Michelle Bessette, the coordinator of the program, at

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 28, April 4th, 2017.