Council of Canadians Starts BU Branch

(Logan Praznik/The Quill)

re you interested in social action? Have a desire to make your voice louder? Want to be surrounded by people who are also passionate? Tired of your friends rolling their eyes when you talk about social issues? Maybe you should look into the Council of Canadians.

According to their website, the Council of Canadians promotes economic and social justice, protects and expands the commons, and create a living democracy. They were founded in 1985 and their goal then was “a new and better Canada with more and better jobs for Canadians, a higher standard of living for Canadians and a sovereign Canada that plays an important role among the world community of nations.” They list five campaigns on their website: trade, water, health care, energy and climate, and democracy.

The council set up a table at the BU Mingling Area and discussed the possibility of starting a group at BU with those who stopped by and showed an interest in their booth. They held a meeting at Brandon University on September 20th, at 7:00PM. While there was a small turnout, there was a lot of great conversation about reliable media, the environment and some of the things the Council branch in Brandon has been doing. All those who attended the meeting spoke freely in discussing the causes they were passionate about.

The Council will be holding a second, tentative meeting on October 4th, at 7:00PM unless they are unable to book a room at that time.

Now, you’re probably reading this thinking, “that’s great Jenna, but I have no time for another club!” The cool thing about starting a new club is those interested get to decide which causes they want to take an interest in, and decide how much/what they want to do. If you are interested in attending the next meeting, please contact Heather Doty (204-761-5710) or Scott Blyth (