HLC Events

With a new school year, the Healthy Living Centre is gearing up for another fitness filled year. As I write this article it is the HLC’s “Try it free week” which began on the 9th and ends on the 16th. While this event will be over by the time you get to this article dear readers, don’t panic- as a student you get to use the gym free year-round (okay, free is a loose term, you paid for it in your tuition). Take advantage and hit the gym! 

What’s going on at the HLC this year? There are a few different fitness classes that are going on this year: Joga Mondays at 7pm, 50+ Club Monday’s at 9am, 65+ Club Wednesday’s at 9:30am, Kickboxing Tuesday’s at 7:15pm, Shred and Shine Boot Camp Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6pm, Fundamentals of Yoga Monday’s at 6pm, Yoga Flow Mondays and Wednesdays at 7am, and Zumba Wednesdays at 5pm. You can register for these classes online or at the HLC, heads up-there is a cost associated with these classes! 

What about If fitness classes aren’t your thing? Volleyball! On November 23025 the HLC is holding a Block n’ Roll Volleyball Tournament. There will be co-ed divisions, and women’s division games. According to their website the co-ed half of the tourney is Friday-Saturday while the women’s event is Saturday and Sunday. Teams can register online, and the cost is $200 per team. Teams will play a minimum of 5 games, with cash prizes for the top team in each division. 

Are you a team sport person? There are also intramural sports offered at the HLC! Right now, co-ed basketball, co-ed volleyball and co-ed soccer are listed on the HLC website, with the note these are adult, student only teams. 

The HLC also offers sport and recreation club. Pickleball, badminton, table tennis and dance club are all offered and appear to be free for students, but non-students must pay. This is also something one can register for online. 

So, if you are someone who is super into fitness, sports, or team activities head over to the HLC website, (or actually go over and talk to the real humans who work there) and find out more about all the awesome activities you can take part in!