BUAS Bake Sale

On October 31st the Brandon University Anthropological Society (BUAS) will be doing a bake sale in the Mingling Area from 9:00a.m.-3:00p.m. Stop by and grab some delicious baked goods to get you through the day (calories don’t count on Halloween). Better yet, grab a cookie for your Prof to make up for that terrible assignment you handed in, it probably won’t get you a better grade but it’s worth a shot! 

 Some of the money raised from the bake sale will go towards funding for Field School opportunities for Anthropology students at Brandon University. Field School can be expensive, especially because many are not local, and BUAS wants to help make it a little more accessible for interested future anthropologists. This is the clubs first event of the year and the beginning of a new start for the club. After being inactive last year there is a hope to revive it and bring awareness about anthropology as a discipline. 

BUAS will also be putting on a Meet and Greet with Dr. Holland, Dr. Varley, and Alicia Gooden, who is teaching Archaeology classes in the winter term. If you are registered for any Anthropology classes, the Meet and Greet will be a great event to attend to get to know the professors and other Anthropology students. The Meet and Greet will be held on November 20th, with a time and location TBA.