Truth And Reconciliation Posters

Truth and Reconciliation is a hot topic across Canada, for good reasons, and it makes sense that BU is doing its part to recognize the changes called upon by people across the country. You may pass some of the new permanent posters that are being hung up around campus. It’s important to not only take note of them but try to remember what they stand for. These are signs to remind us of the atrocities committed and the work that still needs to be done. It is each and every one of our responsibilities to work towards reconciliation, cause even though you may not have directly caused it, you are still effected from it just because of its long lasting consequences.

The poster features the topics in the Calls to Action on education, highlighting some of the crucial ideas and most beneficial solutions. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report is something I highly recommend all students read, especially if your hoping to go into any professional field of education. To find the full documents go check out the TRC website. Literally type “TRC” into Google you will discover the findings of the Commission there.

The poster itself is decorated with the artwork of Coast Salish artist Chad Leon. The first poster was hung up in the Music Office on Friday and a ceremony quickly followed. Ceremony included smudging and prayer from Knowledge Keeper Debbie Huntinghawk and BU Interim President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Steve Robinson.

Posters will be displayed prominently around campus as daily reminders of the work that needs to be continued and carried on through educational institutions. This is all in order to repair the damage done by the residential school system in Canada. The first thing to fixing a problem is realizing you have one. With the TRC they found it and created the Call to Action. It is on each of us to see that these actions are carried out to the best of our abilities and the past is not forgotten.