Student Service PSA

Just a friendly reminder to all new and returning students that Student Services is here to help you with your academic and mental needs. 

The academic skills centre contains the math skills centre, writing skills centre, and the learning skills centre. The fine people in all of these centres can help you with anything you need to help you have a successful term. 

The writing skills centre will help with any essays or papers you have. They will help you proof read and build stronger theses and arguments, but you are required to do your own research and come up with your own ideas. 

The math skills centre will help you to understand math problems and concepts that you can’t quite grasp on your own. Again, they are not there to do your homework for you, but they will absolutely help you to understand how to do it yourself.

The learning skills centre is there to help students who need help figuring out the most effective way to study. Maybe you didn’t need to study to do well in high school, or maybe the study techniques you used in high school don’t work that well in university. Either way, the learning skills centre is there for you.

Appointments can be made for individuals or groups, or you can check out the academic skills centre’s page on to see the walk-in times. 

There are also workshops held by academic services at least once a month. The next one to be held will be on January 23rd titled Study Skills 101.

Don’t be afraid to call on the academic skills centre to help you get on track with your term. The most important thing to everyone involved is that you have a successful academic career.