Homecoming Time

Homecoming. That thing that various movies have centered around and how fun it is, even though the USA can’t have alcohol at theirs, so for them the fun is in the parking lot where someone’s hidden a flask in the back of their parent’s vehicle they’re borrowing, or fighting a mechanical bird man with alien technology played by Michael Keaton. (That’s a Spider-Man: Homecoming reference if you didn’t know.)

 Pop culture references aside, this time of year is when Homecoming happens at the university, and boy is it an exciting time for alumni. People of various ages are coming back to see how things have changed and get nostalgic and maybe have their jaws drop when they realize a coffee shop now replaces the SUDS bar. But hey, if the alumni want some Bailey’s in their coffee, no problem, they’ve got you covered.

 Homecoming is an important time of year for many, because it means going back a reliving fond memories from years ago, and taking in all the beauty of their surroundings and appreciating the opportunity to see it all again. There’s opportunities to revisit old friends and share stories of what’s happened in the years that have gone by since they left here, and the opportunity to make some new ones and learn lots about the people who work hard to make sure students like myself get the best help and education possible.

 For some, it’s a chance to catch up and rekindle friendships hidden away by time, and for others old rivalries will flare as they discuss whose sports predictions have been right and wrong for the Stanley Cup or Super Bowl for the past years, or to get into heated debates about who had better outfits, who had the best cars, but all that seems to be overshadowed by the main focus. Coming back to a place where they felt at home. Whether they made a journey hundreds of miles to Canada from another country and came here alone, or if they were like me, just hopping on a bike for 20 minutes to get to their classes, it all seems to be the same for some.

 Some may sit back and enjoy a beer with their fellow sports enthusiasts, while some may share stories of what concerts they’ve been to and the music they listen to, others may brag about careers and money, there’s also the ones who may just discuss the issues facing society currently and go on long winded rants about the problems with the next generations, perhaps there’s a few who might discuss how they wish a fraternity or a sorority had been here while they were attending, or maybe even a small group who just sit down by themselves and grab a coffee and a copy of the Quill, and sit down and get comfortable to enjoy some relaxing time and enjoy the nostalgia.

 Regardless, it’s going to hopefully be a little less snowy outside, because it’s a little too soon for it to be this freezing cold outside where your hands turn more red than a bad sunburn. To those returning for homecoming that happen to be reading this, I hope you have fun and that this homecoming is as good as ever for you. I hope you’re enjoying that coffee as you relax and have some soothing time reading your copy of the paper.