Fall Career Day

Every semester Brandon University hosts a career day in which a number of larger businesses or employment services set up in the mingling area. 

The aim of this event is for students to try and find jobs on the path of their degree, or to fin a part time job while in school. 

The event was on October 2nd and ran from 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. At career day was HyLife, BMO, Simplot, GC Jobs, and many others. 

Some of these jobs require the student o be graduating soon, or to work full time in the spring and summer months. There were others that employed part time for only a few days at a week, such as Co-op. In jobs at Simply or HyLife are more intern style jobs for up to six days a week and twelves hours a day. While either option may seem hectic for a student, it provides awesome experience and the knowledge on what you may do after your degree is up. 

There was also employment services at the event. One was Career Services from BU with Doug Pople to help any students who ask. There was also Career & Employment Youth Services, which like the services at BU can help with resume and cover letter writing and job searches. 

While going to each of the booths at the event, I asked the employers if they found much success at events like these. For the majority, the answer was yes. They find that students are interested in the various forms of employment that can be offered. At Simplot for example has anything from environmental services, to product management to supply chain/procurement services. Any of these jobs can be useful to a science degree, or a business degree. 

If you missed the event, you can get help from career services here at Brandon University. There is also another event in the upcoming winter semester. 

Job hunting can be difficult inside and out of school but these businesses and services aim to help students if they need it.