A Wheat Queen Ball For Everyone

Lights, cameras, go girls! The mood was light and the lighting was thick with the mystique of midnight on Friday January 11th as BUFASA, BUMS, and the BU LGBBTQ+ Collective hosted the second annual Wheat Queen Ball at the Glen P. Sutherland Gallery of Art. A bevy of bodacious drag queens, led and M.C.'d by Winnipeg's own deliciously diva Prairie Sky, dominated the stage as the four showcased categories of fashion were unleashed upon a raucously receptive crowd. These included: face (how aesthetically pleasing is the contestant's makeup, on a scale of grotesque to glamorous), first time in drag at a ball (who's that new hottie with the killer body?), executive realism (who owns the stage- and the building it's in?), and Vogue (which contestant made the stage their bitch). While some ringers drove in from Winnipeg, many of the impromptu and sometimes somewhat nonplussed ball contestants hailed from the Brandon area as well. All proceeds from this event went to support the future artistic endeavours of BUFASA.

Speaking of artistic endeavours, there is currently an exhibition being held in the the Glen P. Sutherland Gallery of art called “For Everyone”. The show runs from January 10th- 24th. The exhibition's motif is inclusivity and equity for the LGBTTQ+ community in the rest of society. The exhibition's many marvellous artwork contributions were created and curated by BU students and members of the Brandon community at large. Gallery hours are 2:00-6:00p.m. on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, & 2:00-8:00p.m. on Thursdays.