Get A Jumpstart On Your Intended Career!

Cooperative education is a relatively new program available to students at Brandon University. It is a program that alternates between full time school terms and work terms. Learning at school, as well as learning in an actual work environment related to the declared major of the degree. While at this moment, most majors that are more common in the program are science or history majors, there are plans to provide more opportunities for those in arts majors. This program is an excellent opportunity to test drive your planned career, to make sure it is what you want to do. 

Students can register for the program in their second year of university as long as they are in a 4-year degree or 4 years honors degree. Each term (fall/winter) need to be between 9 and 15 credit hours and each work term counts as 3 credit hours. Not only do you gain experience in relation theory in this program, it is also possible that you will be hired more quickly in your field quickly after the completion of the degree. 

In order to apply to this program, eligible students must submit a completed application form, employment history, transcript and cover letter to the co-op office. Acceptance into this program is based upon program availability, academic performance, and completion of the required courses. While admission is not definite, it is an excellent opportunity.  There are the usual tuition fees associated with classes, and there is also a second one-time fee of 650$. International students can qualify as long as they have a valid work permit. Students who wish to apply for this program can find out more information at\Co-op or to contact Cora Dupois. The co-operative education coordinator at or 204 571 7848. 

The deadline for this year’s applicants is September 26th. Good Luck!