A Student’s Letter of Complaint to BUSU

At Brandon University we rely a lot on BUSU for a number of things, most commonly the Health and Dental Plan, and any problems or concerns we have with it. We also go to BUSU for the cheaper printing. 

A former member of the BUSU student council tried to get help from the office but was unable to. With permission, I have placed parts of the email in this article to show the main concerns of Jill Creasor, a recent graduate. 

Dear BUSU Council;

Hopefully this letter is being read out at the next BUSU Meeting, as it is directed to the Council. 

As the VPI for the 2016/17 school year and as a director before that, I have to say that this week has been a very disappointing week for me with BUSU. I graduated this year with my Bachelors in Education and this is my final week as a member of the Brandon University Student Union. I needed you twice this week and I was disappointed both times. 

On Wednesday morning at 9am, I came to the BUSU office to do some printing. As a new teacher I had many posters in colour that I wanted to print.… Unfortunately the office was closed. I knocked and there was no answer. I called the office number and there was no answer…

The second time came today. I went to go refill my prescriptions for the last time under my student plan, and I wasn’t able to. Again, the struggle to wait for the end of Sept pay is hard so I timed this prescription refill perfectly. Well, I thought it was perfect…That’s just absolute craziness to me. 

… When I really needed you to pull through for me and the union dues that I paid... you weren’t there. Thanks BUSU. Thank you for the last week of my official student status ending like this. Good job. 

Jillian Creasor

B.Ed 2019, B.Sc 2017

and the response from BUSU to Jill, which was fantastic that they got back to her, especially in less than a day, but it was woefully inaccurate and didn’t provide many clear answers. Especially as the response was referring to a completely different day than when Jill tried to go into the BUSU office. Here is some of the email that responded to Jill’s complaints; which is full of excuses unrelated to the actually day that was complained about. 

I won’t publish BUSU’s response as I don’t have permission, but I do hope that they address Jill’s concerns at their next meeting and openly to the rest of the students.