Alumni Sports Spotlight

(Photo credit / BU Bobcats)

Gladwyn Scott had a massive impact on sports across Manitoba, not only being a multi-talented player of various sports but also a great coach and leader. Scott was raised on a small farm in McConnell, Manitoba, and it was there with the support of his family he learned the value of hard work and persistence. Scott would come to Brandon College and play with the Caps for three different seasons, in the years 1953-1954, 1959-1961. Being on both the football and hockey team was challenging, but Scott always looked forward to games and practices.

Scott helped win the Southwest Hockey League’s regular season Pennance with a 19-6 record, and tied for third with 47 points in his 1960-1961 year. Scott has earned many prestigious awards for his hard work, and after University found himself serving 60 years in the public school system. He taught in Hamiota and Carman, but later became a school division superintendent. Scott made sure sports were prominent in the schools and communities where he worked, showing expert coaching skills in Hamiota when he coached seven provincial championship teams.

Scott was a co-founder of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, a system in which many young students find valuable skills, and build long lasting relationships. Scott’s contributions have resulted with him being recognized on many Hall of Fames across the Manitoba sporting world, including our own at BU.

Congratulations on your long list of accomplishments, and may we all strive to partake in the level of participation and dedication, which you have brought into all aspects of life.