Hockey Starts Up for ACC Cougars

(Beth Clark/ACC)

This weekend the female Cougar hockey team travelled to Minot, North Dakota, where they took on the Minot State University Lady Beavers. They had to complete two games: the first Saturday evening at 7:30PM and the second Sunday afternoon at 1:00PM.

Saturday evening’s first game got off to a rough start with the Lady Beavers scoring a single goal over the Cougars in the first period. The Lady Beavers then held their lead till they scored again in the second period just under the 12:00 mark, making the score 2-0 in favour of the Lady Beavers. In the final period with just two minutes on the clock, the Lady Beavers managed another goal making their score 3-0, and giving the Lady Beavers a first game win. In game one of the weekend, the Cougars made a total of 33 shots on net.

After a day on the road and a loss, the Cougars got some rest and were back ready for game two. No goals made it into the net in the first period, and the shots on net were in the single digits for both teams.

Then the second period came, and the Cougars took a fast lead over the Lady Beavers making it 1-0. Throughout the second period, the Cougars held their lead. As the third period came to an end, the Lady Beavers put one in the net. This goal evened the score at 1-1. Regulation time was then reached, no more points were delivered by either team, and the game was put into overtime. It was during overtime that the Lady Beavers managed to score and win the game.

Next week, the female Cougars have a home game going up against the University of Wisconsin. The games start at 8:00PM on Saturday and 10:00AM on Sunday. Hopefully a newly snowed on and invigorated Brandon can cheer them to a quick and decisive Canadian hockey victory.