BU Bobcats Basketball

(BU Bobcats)

The men and women took the past week off for reading week but were grinding on the 3rd and 4th as they played their games here at the HLC. The games against the University of Victoria Vikes resulted in a mixed bag for the Bobcats.

The women were unable to come away with a win that weekend. They lost both games within a six-point split. Friday losing 87-93 the Bobcats were unable to get a decent lead over the Vikes that they could maintain. Although they led in the first quarter they ended up tied by the halfway point at 40-40 and kept the game close until the last few minutes. Saturday the women did a bit better but still were just behind the Vikes, 80-84. The Bobcats top scorers of the weekend Keisha Cox walked away with 37 points and Hailey Maas had 33.

The men had a great weekend, winning both of their games against the Vikes and taking their home opener to surprising heights. Friday the Bobcats took a 7 lead victory at 89-82 over U of V setting the momentum for the next night’s game. They used the victory to help tip the scales Saturday night as they once again won this time 80-70. The men’s top scorers for the weekend were Tyvon Cooper with 53 points and Pookie Saunders with 32.

The Bobcats women’s record goes to 0-4 and the men’s record goes to 2-2. The basketball teams’ next games are on the 17th and 18th against the University of Calgary Dinos here at the HLC.