Bobcats Volleyball and Basketball

(BU Bobcats)

Both the Brandon University Bobcats volleyball and basketball teams played this past weekend. The basketball teams were here at home, while the volleyball teams were hosted by Regina.

The men and women’s volleyball teams played against the University of Regina Cougars with mixed results between the two teams. The men took a clean sweep of the weekend, only losing two sets, while the women couldn’t come away with a game but had won two sets.

The first night against the Cougars, the Bobcat women had a tough go, winning the first and third sets but losing out on the next two. During the final set, the Bobcats narrowly lost 13-15. The second night resulted in another loss for the women and in fact only got worse. The Bobcats couldn’t keep up in any set and lost the following 20-25, 23-25 and then 16-25.

The men had a great weekend where the Cougars were beat in almost every set. The Bobcats fought hard and pushed Regina down to the point where they could not return the first night.

Friday night the men won two sets by 10 points each time, destroying their opponents with nothing held back. Saturday night was a lot closer of a game, as Regina pushed the matches till the final set. The Cougars couldn’t find the points needed though and the Bobcats would win the final set 15-12.

The women’s record goes to 5-5 while the men’s moves on to 8-2. The volleyball teams next games take place in Winnipeg on the 28th.

This past week our Bobcats couldn’t keep a consistent record as both the men and women took a loss and a win. The games here at the HLC resulted in some close wins and distant losses.

The women’s game against the University of Calgary Dinos was one with its ups and downs. On Friday night, the women won 69-53. The Bobcats were trailing behind in the first quarter but quickly picked up the pace and began dominating by the second half, going into it 29-26 and then 52-40 by the third quarter. The Saturday game did not go as expected from the night before, as the women lost 59-78. Losing by 19 points, the Bobcats added another loss the season while Calgary took its 6th win.

The men had similar weekend against the Dino’s but lost the first night and won the second. On Friday the Bobcats lost 70-92 with the biggest difference being scored in the third quarter by 12 points. The men’s Saturday night went better for the Bobcats as they beat the Dino’s 69-64. The five point difference was earned in the third quarter when the Bobcat offence got on a role and started taking command of the game.

The Bobcat’s women record goes to 1-5 and the men’s record goes to 3-3. The basketball teams next games are on the 24th and 25th against the University of Manitoba Bisons in Winnipeg.

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