Great Weekend For Basketball Teams

(Credit: BU Bobcats)

The Bobcats played their last exhibition games of the season. They faced some fierce competition against the U of M Bisons, but were still able to walk away with a successful weekend.

The women’s team clinched their first big step for the program as their victory this weekend landed them a play off spot for the first time in the programs history since joining the Canada West conference in 1999. The result on Friday is what gave the women this great opportunity as the Bobcats were able to win 83-73. The women’s record for conference wins went up, to also be the highest it’s ever been since 1984 when the women’s team had a record of 10-8. Truly a great change of pace to see in the program! However the rest of the weekend did not prove as impressive for the ladies as they lost on Saturday, but only by 4 points, 69-73. The ladies’ top players of the weekend include Keisha Cox with 38 points and Mikaela Stanton with 26 points. Congratulations goes out to all the players and coaches of the team, what a truly incredible and fortunate experience. I look forward to covering your future post season games!

The men’s team took two victories this weekend, boosting their chances at a play off spot and ending up with one of their most successful records in years. Friday night the men played hard to keep their hopes alive and would walk away with the win due to their blowout of the Bisons in the 2nd quarter with a difference of 13 points. On Saturday the men again stepped up and put their opponents to the chopping block as they won 92-77. Every quarter the Bobcats hunted the Bisons down and only let up in the last quarter, but by then it was too late for U of M to make a recovery. The mens’ top players of the weekend are Tyvon Cooper and Earl Thompson Jr. who each scored double-doubles in both of their games.

The basketball teams records now stand at 9-11 for the men and 8-12 for the women. The Bobcats’ have played their last games of the season but while the women have already taken their playoff spot, the men must wait to see the results of the games played next weekend. If you would like to check out any of the Bobcats’ stats please go to the Bobcats’ website at

Congratulations athletes and coaches, this is truly some big steps you guys have taken compared to recent years! Best of luck to both teams!

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 21, February 7th, 2017.