Bidding for Another Go Around

(Credit: BU Bobcats)

Brandon University puts a lot of time and effort into it’s athletic programs and shows us consistent and impressive results year after year. One of the most amazing feats that BU has been able to take part of was the women’s volleyball championship last spring. This was an event jam packed with suspense and action as teams from across Canada came to play their best.

Every year the league, USports (formerly known as CIS), hosts a bidding that takes place where Universities try to host the prestigious event. A few years ago when the bid was won for the women’s championship the community went wild. The seats were always filled for the Bobcats games and the crowds were rowdy and supportive at the necessary timings, to help their team. This year Brandon University is placing a bid to host the men’s volleyball championship in 2019. Not only is it the teams and Bobcats managers who are trying to make this a reality but they also have the overwhelming support from the community!

City council, earlier this month voted to grant up to $30,000 to help fund the championship. It will use the city’s Accommodations Tax if the bid can be won. This event and ones like it are crucial for Brandon’s growing sports community and the support shown by city council can give us all great hope for the future of our cities programs.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 29, April 11th, 2017.