ACC Cougars

The Cougars men’s and women’s volleyball and futsal teams played games in Brandon this past weekend. In volleyball they would face off with the CMU Blazers while the futsal teams played the Bobcats!

The men’s first volleyball game came away with a loss for them on Friday, though they were able to win the second set 25-22. The men would not fare much better Saturday as the Blazers would win in a clean sweep! Altogether the men would win just one set. Their top players of the weekend would include Braden Campbell with 25 kills and Jordan Todd with 16 kills.

The women’s Friday night game resulted in a wash out as the CMU Blazers took each set, 25-16, 25-23, and 25-21. Saturday led to quiet the excitement of the Cougars though as they won two sets that were tied, first 31-29 then 26-24. The women would just lose the final set, but it was a great game for the Cougars. Their top players included Erica Scott with 27 kills and while in the last game Skyla Vanmackelbergh got 17 kills alone!

Futsal did not go much better than the volleyball had for the men’s team. The cougars were down 0-5 at the half and the Bobcats would steal a mighty victory 12-3. The goals were scored by Fernado Castro and Mario Urias.

The women’s game was very well played when they faced off with the Bobcats. The cougars held a 0-1 lead going into the half and only stumbled just enough for BU to catch up 1-1. The game would end in a tie with the women putting a check on the Cougars previous misfortunes.

The Cougars next games take place February 2-3, with a mix of teams playing, from volleyball to futsal to hockey. For more details check out the ACC Cougars webpage. Best of luck in your next games Cougars!