Bobcats Futsal

The Bobcats played a total of 4 Futsal games this past weekend. Their games were held in Otterburne and Winnipeg against PCU and CMU. These were the final matches in the MCAC league before the championships. Both the men and the women had some difficult matches and were largely unable to step up to the challenges.

The women’s first game against Providence was the best match of the weekend for the Bobcats. The women were able to keep the game tied through till the end, finishing 3-3 against the Pilots. The women’s next game finished 3-6 against the CMU. The Blazers fought hard and outscored the Bobcats, this was a bit better then their first game against CMU when they lost 1-5.

The men’s first game of the weekend against the Pilots ended 4-10. It was a tough loss for the Bobcats who had previously tied Providence 5-5 a month earlier. Later on Saturday during the Bobcats last game of the regular season the Blazers won in a close match. Brandon lost 2-5 against CMU, adding a third loss to their futsal record.

The Bobcats men would finish their last matches with a total of 19 points and in second place of the MCAC league. The women would finish their last matches of the regular season with 10 points and in fourth place. Both men and women will compete in the championship tournament semi-finals and then with some luck make it into the finals! Best of luck in your next games Bobcats!