Dear Quintilius,

What is so special about St. Patrick’s Day? It just seems like a day of debauchery and green stuff everywhere.

Sincerely,  Waiting For Easter


Dear Leprechaun Over Bunny,

You know why people like to drink and commit debauchery? Because people live in the now. They want to forget the real world they live in and all the BS they regularly face. They drink and do stupid things to get that same rush they would if they worked at a job they liked or played a game they enjoyed.

People long to achieve the same feelings they did when they were young. The only difference is now they have freedom and money to do what they want. When you were a kid you wanted to dance on the table, wanted to hangout with your friends and feel socially accpeted. You wanted to wear ridiculous colours for no other reason than they looked super cool and you wanted to eat whatever food or snacks you so desired at the time.

St Patty’s Day is signifcant to the general public because it is another excuse to drink and commit the debaucherous acts they normally would on a weekend. Good ol’ Patty was not about that life though. What he wanted was for people to confess their sins and work towards being closer with God. Especially the bloody Irish who stole him as a wee lad.

You know what else St. Patrick was famous for? Ridding Ireland of snakes. Ya, so maybe instead of having people getting drunk and doing Irish yoga the next morning (off a toilet), we should get together to hunt down druids and snakes alike.

Just saying that would be far more in line with what the man was all about aside from the other actions and accidental pregnancies which are committed in his name. My point here is this... Sometimes you just got to get drunk and start hunting pagans.

All Salute The Eternal City,

Quinitilius of Rome