When Should You Stop Trick-Or-Treating?

(Wikimedia Commons)

Another Halloween, another debate about age and trick-or-treating. People these days seem to like nothing better than to argue with each other online over trivial things. But since the arguments continue to happen every single year, I will indulge.

Upon deciding to take this article I made a Facebook status, asking friends to give their opinions on what age kids should stop trick-or-treating. Almost all of those who commented said that they were fine with trick or treaters up to teenage years, as long as they are in costume. One person commented a quote along with her opinion that any age can trick-or-treat:

“Sometimes you just have to jump into a mud puddle because it’s there. Never get so old that you forget about having fun” -— Tom Giaquinto.

Many noted that we expect children to grow up so quickly today, and we take away things like the joy of Halloween too early. One said that they should stop trick-or-treating when they are at the age to make money and buy their own treats.

While many who commented got deeply into the topic, it appeared most agreed that as long as the person at the door dressed up and put some effort in, up to 18 was welcome.

While it appears this will always be a yearly topic of debate, something to remember if you get kids at your door who seem “too old” to be out asking for treats- at least they’re out doing something fun for everyone instead of drinking or egging your house. Be grateful you aren’t getting a trick, and shell out some candy. Or maybe next year you will get a trick instead.