DIY Costumes: For the Truly Unprepared

World Zombie Day 2011. (Martin SoulStealer/Wikimedia Commons)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (people who think it’s Christmas make me sad). If you’re in need of a costume that you can make by the end of the day, read on for some last-minute costume ideas that won’t break the bank.

Rosie the Riveter: Want to dress up as a kick-butt feminist icon? Read on. Get a long-sleeved denim or just plain blue top, and roll the sleeves. Pair it with jeans. Put your hair up, and tie a red bandana around your head. Go on YouTube and watch some make up tutorials on how to nail Rosie’s look.

Vampire: It’s a classic (and super easy) costume. Wear dark clothes (you can’t go wrong with black) and find a dark sheet to use as a cape. To make fake blood mix water, corn syrup and red food dye together. Apply this mixture to the corners of your mouth.

Be a (Stereotypical) Geek: Wear a pair of glasses and stick a bandage or tape in the middle of them. Wear suspenders if you have them, or pull your pants/skirt up high and tuck your shirt into it. Putting pens and a calculator in your shirt pockets helps as well. Carry around some of your textbooks — you already had to buy them, so may as well, just make sure not to spill on their precious, golden pages!

Mummy: If you’re really short on time, try this one. Go buy a pack of toilet paper and keep wrapping it around your body until you’re totally covered.

Billy the Puppet: If you watched all the Saw movies, this might be for you. Draw a target on each cheek and draw a line on both corners of the mouth, down towards the chin. Wear a bow tie and a black jacket.

Zombie: Who doesn’t love good zombie? This one can have as much as little gore as you like. Shred any old clothes you have, and soak parts of them in a red food dye and water solution. Create some fake blood (water, corn syrup and red food dye) and apply to face, hands and other exposed skin areas.

The Joker: You’ll need some white, red and black face paint to recreate the look. Brush and shake out your hair and wear a button-down shirt.

If you’re out of time, an Error 404 Page might be your best choice. Get a white t-shirt, and write “Error 404 — Costume Not Found” in Sharpie.

Hopefully you’re inspired to get a little creative. Have a Happy Halloween!