Q-Mail: Back on Track

Dear Quintilius,

I have gained a lot of weight since coming to university. My mental health has declined and my happiness has sunk to an all time low. What should I do to get my life back on track?


Lonely and Depressed

Dear Broken Hearted,

I feel for you. Know that you are not alone in this dire situation and I in-fact have been there too.

Depression is not a joke and those who need help should seek it. Maybe not out on the dance floor, or in a one-night stand, or at the bottom of a bottle. Instead go talk to a beloved friend or expert counselor. You have to believe in yourself and be brave enough to take those first steps to heal yourself. No one can make this journey for you. The strength must come from within.

Let ol’ Q tell you a story. I was once a young man, and that is how I will always stay with my powers over the element of time. I will never be able to age. So although it sounds cool because I don’t have to worry about wrinkles or Viagra, I have seen many of my colleagues perish. Some friends due to old age, but many lost to diseases and war. Although I can battle against Mars himself, I am unable to visit my friends in death, I will be forever alone.

My advice for you would be to find something you love. Find a hobby you can pour yourself into and never look back. It will give you something to look forward to and make every dark day a little brighter. My personal hobby and all time favourite thing to do is build little miniature versions of the city of Rome and place them all over my friends houses. (It usually takes up 2100 sq. ft but hey, it gives them a nice surprise for when they first walk through the door from a week vacation.)

All Salute The Eternal City,

Qunitilius of Rome