Q-Mail: America the Beautiful

Dear Quintilius,

I hate America. HATE IT. They do not stand for Freedom, they stand for ignorance and wealth. How can I destroy them fully so they can never rise again?

Sincerely, Freedom Isn’t Free

Dear Nothing Is Free,

Why would you say that about the most powerful country in the world? Have you never considered there may be repercussions for your actions? The USA will eat you up and shit you out.

People often hate those in power or whoever is popular at the time. I do not think it wise to poke the Eagle, that is unless you have the Bear with you. Now what do I mean by the Bear? Of course I mean America’s greatest enemy: California.

You want to destroy America? The best way to do that is turn it in on itself. An empire beaten by outside forces can rebuild. An empire that collapses in on itself will stay fractured. Look at mighty Rome: she was never truly defeated. Looted, maybe. Burnt, who hasn’t been? My point is Rome’s legacy lasted through the empires of the Franks, the Byzantines, and the Britons, but it was no longer a Roman empire as it was fractured beyond repair.

The only way to beat America is to have it defeat itself. Have the USA become divided till the point that they have to remove the U. Pro tip: get California to rebel. They are already on shaky terms with Trump and would pounce at the opportunity to split. They have the population, resources and military equipment needed to properly destroy America to the point where it is unrecognizable. The rest of the States will follow suit. Pluck the feathers of Freedom one at a time and watch the Eagle plunge.

All Salute The Eternal City,

Qunitilius of Rome