Rocket Game Corner: Jackbox Party Pack(s)


My friends and I all enjoy playing multiplayer games when we get together. Sometimes we play board games, and sometimes we play video games. Most of the time when all six of us get together, we play one of the Jackbox Party Packs from Jackbox Games.

In the Jackbox Party Packs, there are typically five games suitable for three to eight players. These games are fantastic to play in larger groups, and I’ve always had a good time when we decide to play any of them. I’ve found that the more alcohol is consumed, the funnier the games get, but of course, alcohol is not required.

Our favourite games to play in the Party Packs are Fibbage and Fibbage XL in the first and second packs respectively, Quiplash in the third Party Pack, and Trivia Murder Party, which is also in the third Party Pack.

Fibbage and Fibbage XL are really entertaining. There is a prompt given, and each player inserts an answer that could be the truth in an attempt to trip up their opponents. If you enter the actual correct answer, the game will make you enter a different answer, and you’ve got a leg up. Players get points if their opponents pick the fake answer they put in, and more points if they pick the actual correct answer. In my own personal experience with the game, the answers don’t always make sense with the question, but there’s usually a good laugh if it’s inappropriate.

In Quiplash, players are given prompts individually. Two players will always recieve the same prompt, and then go head to head and the other players decide which answer they like best. The prompt can be something like “Something Donald Trump would Tweet”, and then players would have to deal with time constraints and character limits to come up with a hilarious answer.

Trivia Murder Party is exactly what it sounds like: a trivia game where players die if they get the wrong answers too many times. It’s frustrating, but also really fun and tests your knowledge of random things in pretty much every category you could think of from history to geography.

All of these games are played from smart phones, tablets, or computers through the website You’re given a room code to join at the beginning of each game. The base game is available for Playstation, XBox, and Steam.