Prof Highlight: Dr. Deanna Smid

Dr. Smid. (Brandon University)

In The Quill’s newest as-often-as-we-can segment, we will be introducing the wonderful professors of Brandon University. We explored this area briefly four years ago with our featured Study Break graphic, the Prof Dex, and now we’ll be taking a look at the professors who have come to BU since, or who we did not have an opportunity to feature previously. This week, we’ll be having a look at Dr. Deanna Smid!

Department: English and Creative Writing

Teaching at BU Since: July 2014

Areas of Specialization: 16th-18th century English literature, early poetry and science fiction.

Recent Publications and Upcoming: Dr. Smid has published her book The Imagination in Early Modern English Literature and has an upcoming book on music therapy in Shakespearean plays. Other projects she’s working on bees in early literature and is co-organizer for the Northern Plains Conference on Early British Literature, which is being held for the first time in Canada at Brandon University in April 2018. Dr. Smid is co-organizer of a speaker series called Literary Exchange.

Hobbies: Watching Star Trek and Orville.

Pet Peeves: Swans. They’re terrifying.

Nickname Given by a Student: Poetry nerd.