Q-Mail: Quintilius and the Holy Grail

Dear Quintilius,

I have been searching for years for the Holy Grail. I have searched everywhere from the mountains of the Himalayas to the catacombs of Paris. Where is this treasure?

Sincerely The Greatest Anthropologist


Dear Mr. or Ms. Jones,

The story of the Grail is a long one and before I help you understand where it is, you must first see where it has been.

The chalice itself was created in ancient Greece by the god Hephaestus (the less cool Vulcan), but was traded and travelled throughout the Mediterranean via the Roman god Neptune. He eventually gave it away to a family in the land of Palestine, where the Grail was used to catch the Blood of Christ. The Christians hid it in the deserts of Iraq, and kept it safe for over 1000 years until Ghengis Khan conquered the land. The Golden Horde abused it for decades before they lost it in Russia. It was the late 14th century before I decided to do something about it and help my city, which had been left to rot. I needed to do something about it, I needed to rebirth Rome in such a way the modern world would remember her.

In the early 15th century I stormed the city of Muscovy to take what was mine. I battled the father of Ivan the Great and brought the Grail with me to Roma to begin the time period known as the renaissance. Culture in my city flourished, and it still does today thanks to my actions. Those trying to steal the Grail from Rome will find only the polished steel of my blade and the cold embrace of death.

All Salute The Eternal City,

Qunitilius of Rome