Find the Right Collective For You!

Women's/LGBTTQ* Collective window. (Ariele Kehler/The Quill)

At Brandon University there are several ways to meet like minded people like yourself. There are faculty clubs, sports and classes at the HLC and then there is also this new thing called “talking to people in your course,” all of which are great ways to meet people.

However, there are also collectives on campus that can connect students on the fundamental aspects of their lives. The four collectives include the: International Students’ Organization (ISO), LGBTTQ Collective, Brandon University Aboriginal Student Council (BUASC) and Brandon University Womens’ Collective. Now each of these groups on campus work hard to make you feel at home at BU. These collectives can give students resources, information and the ability to bond with someone who is probably facing the same struggles and challenges.

The ISO is dedicated to helping international students who are trying to navigate through a whole new world of language barriers and culture shock. They do this by offering activities, workshops and sharing circles in order to provide a safe and inviting environment. Its an excellent way to meet people who may be struggling through this completely upside down and backwards world of southern Manitoba. If you are new to the country I would highly recommend joining this collective! Their office is on the 2nd floor of the Knowles Douglas Building.

BUASC encourages all students to use their voice and believes in keeping the student body united in understanding and wisdom. They work with and express the indigenous culture in multiple forms in and around the community. Their goals are to further indigenize and decolonize the campus of narrow or shallow world views. All people are welcome to attend and participate within their meetings which are held on the free spot on Tuesday. BUASC is located out of the Indigenous Peoples Centre and in room 10 of the Knowles Douglas Students’ Union Centre.

LGBTTQ collective is a student body that overlooks ones sexual orientation, gender identity or expression in order to establish a space on campus for the queer community to thrive! Everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted and it is here where the collective can educate you on matters that maybe you hadn’t fully thought about. The LGBTTQ provides a positive platform of inclusiveness and acceptance within the community. To connect with the group go to their website at or email them at