Welcome from the Editor


It is my great pleasure to welcome students, new and returning, to the Brandon University campus. I, myself have spent several (some may say too many) years at this institution, and the BU community, from administrator to professor to fellow student, has always made me feel at home.

No where on this campus has ever felt quite so much like home than The Quill office, however. I have been with the paper for the last four years, and they have been an amazing four years. With The Quill, I knew that I always had somewhere to go when I felt lost, someone to turn to in my amazing fellow staff members, and an outlet for my creativity. I have worked my way up from Junior Reporter to Editor-in-Chief in my tenure here, and I would love to continue to be involved with The Quill in some way long after I’ve left.

My hope is that everyone on this campus finds a place where they can feel the same. Whether with a club (I’ve heard that the Mathematics Association is looking for friendly faces), with a student group or collective like the Women’s Collective, International Students’ Organization, the LGBTTQ* Collective, or the Indigenous Peoples’ Collective, or even with us here at The Quill.

I know it’s frightening to reach out to total strangers, but I assure you, we’re all excited to meet new people and make new friends. Our doors are always open to whomever may wish to knock.

If you need a hand in getting contact information or you don’t know where you might belong, give me a shout! You can give The Quill a try if you want, and I can help you find the right group for you!