Don't Forget to Check Our Website Out!

With so many cool things happening on campus and in the community, sometimes we don’t have room in our print edition to feature everything. Luckily, we have a website!

This week online, see an exclusive article from Web Content Coordinator Logan Praznik. He reviews David Foster’s book, Infinite Jest. Does he love it? Does he hate it? Is he indifferent to it, but kind of regrets spending the time reading it? Go find out!

Also exclusively online this week, I’m going to talk about going to Food Truck Warz. I’m not going to spoil anything or give too much away, but SPOILERS: Churros are delicious and worth the half hour wait.

As always, a copy of The Quill will be available for your enjoyment. If you want to read one particular article, it’s there separately from the whole thing! How neat!

Another neat thing - you can read old editions! Our archive goes all the way back to 2012! Check out (without the hyphen, because sometimes it’s hard to get everything on the same line) or just Google The Quill to find us!

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