The Quill Wants You!

Welcome to Brandon University! Whether you are a returning student or a complete newbie to our school, I hope you find what you are looking for this year. Everyone has different priorities when it comes to choosing Universities and for some odd reason you’ve decided to come to BU, the 17th rated University by Maclean’s magazine and the party capital of South Western Manitoba. Now that we’ve got the fundamentals of BU out of the way, let The Quill be the first to formally try to induct you within our ranks! That’s right, The Quill is hiring, and we are looking for writers, reporters, photographers and cartoonists.


Now some people may say we are a cult or some may say we are the masters of the university but in all honesty we are people and students just like you… Only we’re way cooler. There are many reasons to join The Quill, probably upwards of 100 million but I don’t have the time to fully explain our awesomeness so let me just break a few of the benefits down for you:

Relationships/Opportunities: The Quill has proudly served the BU student body for 117 years. We are the second longest running student newspaper in Canada, and we have a long tradition of writing stories and helping inform the student body campus. We have closely knit relationships within the University faculties and the Brandon community. You want to find information or keep up to date with the latest stories? Why not be a part of them? The Quill is an excellent place to start.

Commitment/Or lack there-of: The commitment for The Quill is whatever you want it to be. You can write one article a month and still be a part of our organization. Or, on the flip side you can write three articles a week. We understand that you have your own priorities and we’re not asking for you to skip Aunt Olga’s second marriage because you have articles that week. You decide how much time and how many articles you want to put into the paper.

Money: The Quill is a paid organization which not only pays per article but also photos and online articles. We pay each of our staff members a tuition rebate at the end of each term based on the amount they’ve written. Also available exclusively to members of The Quill are scholarships and business trips. These opportunities are not available to everyone, so get your names and credentials in as soon as possible.

Room for Growth: The Quill is an organization which is looking to grow, and to do that we need more quality writers and passionate workers. Not only will you grow in your skill-craft with this experience offered at The Quill but you will get to be part of a growing and influential business which looks to better inform your own community.

Own Space: As part of The Quill you have access to our resources and our office space. It is here where we host meetings, write stories, hangout or just straight up hide from the rest of the world and our problems. We have comfy couches, chairs, desks and a quiet environment.


You need to cry after failing a test? Come curl up on the couch. You need to sleep cause you pulled three all-nighters in a row prepping a presentation while studying for exams? Come sleep. You need a space to study that’s not the library? Come study.

We are looking for people from all backgrounds, with all different skill sets and areas of interest. There are jobs and positions available for people who are willing to work. The Quill can help you grow your writing style, add experience to your work résumé, and improve your time management skills. Potential members are welcome to sign up for the Quill email list and invited to come visit us up on the 2nd floor of the Knowles-Douglas Centre. We have our meetings on Mondays at 10:40AM and each of the executives have office hours where people are welcome to come and ask questions about the paper or joining the team!