Friday Nights Were Made For This

Do you ever wonder what the Brandon University Music Students (BUMS) are up to? BUMS, do you ever wish there were more performance opportunities around the school? Look no further, Friday Night Lights is the solution!

This is a concert series geared to provide performance experience for soloists and small ensembles from across the School of Music. Taking place in the Lorne Watson Recital Hall (LWRH), this series creates excellent opportunities for students to share their hard work with friends in a professional environment. Our beloved Jazz Night is a favourite for many, however the casual atmosphere is not best suited to our classical majors. Performers at Friday Night Lights can be in the classical or jazz streams and have full access to the concert hall setting.

Friday Night Lights is completely free to everyone! The first date is October 12, 2018 at 8:00p.m. The programme will be posted before the concert. Mark your calendars and bring a friend!