PWE Volunteers Spread Safer Substance Use Messages In A FUN Way

            Wearing their bright blue tees, volunteers from the Brandon University Peer Wellness Educator (PWE) Project were passionately mingling with students in front of the BU John E. Robbins Library on Sept. 26.

            Themed “safer substance use”, the PWE event offered fun experiences. The biggest “WOW” winner was the five goggles, which can simulate the effects of alcohol and drugs on vision and coordination in a safe and controlled manner.

“Really dizzy! …and this definitely sends positive messages on campus,” commented one student after trying out the “totally wasted” goggle.

            Besides the “wild” experience, relevant information about safer substance use is provided on the booth, covering the basics about cannabis, cocaine, alcohol, energy drinks, and so on.

            “Quite informative! I will give the message to my students and let them visit the booth after my class,” said one professor after glancing over all the information in the booth.

             “The safer substance use event aims to give information to students or the general campus community about the effects of these substances. This to give people a chance to make an informed choice when they do come into an actual situation. That's also the reason why we have the special goggles and Jenga kits. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have fun while learning”, according to Joseph Mamuric Jr., PWE Volunteer Coordinator.

            PWE Volunteers are a dynamic team of students who are committed to wellness initiatives on campus. The PWE Program is supervised by the Personal Counsellors with funding provided by Student Services, and this is the fourth year that the PWE Program has been in existence at BU.

Marsha Harris, BU Personal Counsellor, said: “PWE Volunteers are instrumental in planning and promoting thematic outreach programs to BU students on a variety of wellness topics such as sexual health, emotional wellbeing, physical health, stress management as well as other topics that the PWE volunteers are passionate about and feel need to be addressed.”

PWE volunteers participate in multiple training opportunities each year in order to develop their skill and knowledge in many areas of wellness and in event planning, facilitation, and promotion, according to Marsha.

“Try our mocktails…”

“Here is information about safer substance use…”

           “Come and play giant Jenga with our substance use impairment goggles…”