Looking for New Web Content Coordinator

It is now second term, and we at The Quill have had to say goodbye to our Web Content Coordinator, Logan Praznik. We wish him the best of luck in all of his endeavours in the remainder of his education, and thank him for all of the amazing things he has done for The Quill in the last two and a half years that he’s been with us.

We will now be looking for Logan’s successor: the Web Content Coordinator is a senior position, which therefore means that it will be time consuming, and you’ll have a few more responsibilities, but you’ll be compensated monetarily — a monthly salary is involved.

The Web Content Coordinator is also a reporter with The Quill if he/she wishes to be. They are welcome to pick up articles at the weekly content meetings, although it is not strictly required. The Web Content Coordinator is responsible for one online exclusive article each week in addition to maintaining the website and uploading to social media platforms. 

If you are someone who enjoys technology and is looking to put a few extra dollars into your pocket each month, apply to be The Quill’s new Web Content Coordinator. 

Successful candidates will be in their second year or above, have a working knowledge or desire to attain a working knowledge of website maintenance, and be willing to join a fun crew of assorted personalities who hermit themselves into an office.

Benefits to working with The Quill include a great resume filler, a sense of purpose, and access to The Quill office, including a very comfortable couch for napping, a microwave, and a safe place to leave excess items like heavy winter coats or backpacks the approximate weight of a small elephant. While we do not have a mini-fridge, we do have an electric kettle with a variety of teas, and a coffee maker with grounds of dubious age and quality.

Apply to EIC@TheQuill.ca if you are interested in the position. Logan has kindly assembled a manual, and we can learn together how to keep The Quill’s online presence afloat.