Pop Culture of the Week: Star Wars The Last Jedi

T’was a few nights before Christmas when Star Wars arrived, and all the fans were out riding good vibes.

They crowded in theatres with joyful glee, expecting to see the normal George Lucas follies.

The theatre dimmed, and that fateful movie began, and then it was Disney’s turn to play in the sand.

The fans knew it was a movie like the ones they loved before, but this one was new and different with laughs galore.

Disney? Disney? Is that you? Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a good example of Mickey Mouse “kidifying” yet another genre. Filled with a lot of irrelevant comedic fluff that doesn’t advance the actual storyline, this movie was quite a change for a devote fan of the series to stomach. But by no means was it a completely bad change, it was still at its core and outline a Star Wars movie, Disney keeping the “George Lucas movie plot”. It progresses in a very linear fashion to the old stories, shadowing the original series with all the same major plot points, but being lighter and more kid friendly. 

This introduced comedic fluff might be less appealing to an adult crowd, but it can be understood as Disney’s attempts to pull in a larger crowd and more profits. But this movie is still greatly recommendable however to fans of the original series and other theatre goers. The movie filled with nostalgic heart throbbing moments surrounding the trilogy’s original cast and even props. The present mystery surrounding Rey, Daisey Ridley’s character, parents has a bit of light shed on it (Editor’s Note: I think the info given is a crock of lies), and follows her character’s development as an entity within the greater force. Part of this progression is her conflict with the dark side of the force. This is mainly depicted through “Force” engineered encounters with Adam Driver’s character, Kylo Ren. 

But enough about that! No spoilers! May the Force be with you in this new year.