Meeting People

A long time ago, before the dawn of internet, the only way to meet people was to get your lazy butt out of your apartment to the outside world. But now with an entire generation growing up on social media and smartphones, the only way seems to be through dating websites and apps to meet with new people, as it’s easier. And it’s also partly because most of the time, we being only human, get nervous and sometimes even anxious when we meet someone or talk to someone face to face.

You’re lucky if you’re a first year student in your university, because I’m going to talk about a few things on how to meet people in a small city like Brandon. Especially when Valentine’s Day is getting closer, so you probably don’t want to stay in your room all night alone. There is still the possibility of getting out there and meeting someone special to spend a wonderful night with, and hopefully a wonderful life.

Although there can be a thousand ways to meet people, here are some of the ways that are more promising than the rest:

Weekends and Tavern United always go along well together. The bar/restaurant is always a good pick as it’s filled with people who want go out and have a few drinks. The “Tav” also has really delicious and delightful food. This is a regular hangout place for a lot of students from Brandon University and Assiniboine  Community College.

There’s also The Double Decker in downtown Brandon, another well-known spot for students to meet up and hangout. They serve a great variety of food, and it’s pretty wonderful. There is also karaoke available which is a good opportunity to start conversations with people about songs or by singing along with them!

Then there’s always the Harvest Hall Cafeteria in the university, great place to get to know people living on campus as they always end up chilling there after their long day of classes. Approaching them can be really easy, as a student who lives on campus, I know the environment and the students are really friendly and approachable.

Having said that, all you need to do now is approach people. Have confidence, this is the most important thing when it comes to leaving a good impression. People tend to make this really complicated and over-think about it, that’s what makes you anxious and nervous. But don’t let anxiety come in your way, clear your thoughts, keep it simple, and give your best! Who knows you might actually not end up spending your Valentine’s Day alone!