The Penis Jokes

The penis. God’s gift to women.  The one appendage of the male body that females find attractive. The only thing that can give orgasms, take virginity’s and has a magical hold on a woman’s attention. One flick of the wand or pic of the dick and women basically can not control themselves.

If for any reason, at any point, in that first little paragraph you found yourself agreeing maybe you need to rethink your life. Hi, I’m here to inform you of the dangers of thinking your dick is a gift from the creator. It’s not. It is small, unattractive, smelly and has minimal sway over orgasms. Orgasms are far more regularly stimulated through, oral or digital usage.

The largest sex organ? Nope, not your penis. The largest sex organ is the brain. You want to stimulate a woman? You have the options of exciting her through teasing, foreplay, or helping her live out her sexual fantasies. Making a woman feel wanted, helping her get to the edge then actually taking the time to finish her off are great ways to pleasure your partner. You will not likely get there through penile penetration alone.

Advice: Take your time, find the clitoris and be confident. After century’s of penis jokes, turns out the greatest penis joke of all was the idea you could pleasure your partner with your dick alone.