Pop Culture - Love Between The Frames

Connecting with people can be difficult; really connecting with people you kind of, sort of, like can be REALLY difficult. Connecting with people over time-stopping orgasms, BDSM relationship comedies, and sexually ambiguous robots chasing star-crossed lovers across the galaxy, that’s easy. Just buy some comics.

Now you might be thinking, “I am not going to buy a new partner a comic book about sex, are you kidding me?” But I’m not and here’s why. Everyone has an opinion about the arts and opinions about arts can get very…passionate. Add sex into the mix and well, maybe you can get passionate about the arts together – see what I did there?

Sex Criminals is a book written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Chip Zdarsky that centers on Suzie, a young woman who stops time when she has an orgasm. When Suzie meets Jon and discovers she isn’t the only one with the ability to stop time, they naturally have a lot of sex. Oh, and they also rob banks.  If your partner loves cheeky humour, quirky characters and bank robberies, then you’re welcome.

What do you get someone who wants to drag you to Fifty Shades Freed, but has absolutely no idea what BDSM means? Sunstone is a charming character driven story created by Stjepan Sejic. The story follows primary characters Lisa and Ally as they navigate the complexities of a modern day same-sex relationship via fetishism, romance, and erotica. Cuddle up, grab some wine, and read this comic instead of shifting awkwardly in the theater.

Need a little more space in your sex life? A space-opera fantasy comic, Saga is written by Brain K. Vaughan and drawn by the supremely talented Fiona Staples. The series tells the story of new parents Marko and Alana, lovers from opposite sides of a brutal race war, and twisted regimes that want their family dead. Try mixing things up with robots, bounty hunters, trans ex-cons with magical powers, and Lying Cat (trust me, you’ll love Lying Cat).

So, there it is. Your Valentine’s Day shopping is over, and you’re almost guaranteed to have something to talk about with that special someone for the foreseeable future. The rest? Well, that’s up to you.