Presents for That Special Someone

It’s that time of year again. The holiday that truly isn’t a real holiday. This is because, unlike other holidays such as Christmas and Labour Day or even Victoria Day for some, you don’t get the day off and you certainly don’t get any holiday pay. That’s right I’m referring to Valentines Day. Every February 14th you and your significant other celebrate the day of love. It just so happens that the “day of love” can get extremely expensive, especially relating to presents.

Most of us have been there, not knowing what to get our partner for a Valentine’s gift. The classic chocolates and flowers may work for a few years but after a while it gets old. Therefore, the questions pops into one’s head of what to get your significant other that will on one hand make them happy and on the other hand not break your bank account.

As mentioned before while the classic flowers and chocolates would no doubt put a smile on the average partners face, at best it will only work a couple of times. There are a variety of different gifts that people give their partner on Valentine’s Day. Starting off at the extreme end some people go all out for the day of love. I’ve heard of some men even buying their girl a car! Now, that’s quite a gift for any occasion much less on Valentine’s Day. Chances are the vehicle they bought isn’t some beat-up old rust bucket either, otherwise you wouldn’t have to worry about Valentine’s Day next year! Therefore, one could assume it, at the very least, cost over $10,000. In order to spend this kind of money on your partner, you must be really committed or just really rich. Since most university students can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their significant other it might be worthwhile to explore other options for a Valentine’s gift.

Coming from the perspective of a guy, one gift you could give your girlfriend or wife on Valentine’s Day is something that never goes out of style: jewelry. Of course there are many types of jewelry from earrings to rings to necklaces its actually quite a task to narrow the options down. There are a variety of starting points in which you can use such as their favourite colour or favourite material or even their birth month. In my experience the more “glittery” or “shiny” the jewelry is, the higher the chances are for your girlfriend liking it. However, jewelry isn’t exactly your wallets best friend either. Although it isn’t going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars like a new vehicle would it can still hit the bank account pretty hard. Most jewelry hits around the $100 mark at least. You can, of course, purchase cheap jewelry for under $20 but like the rusted up old vehicle example you could also end up spending next years Valentine’s Day alone.

Rejoice! There are gift options that are both kind to your bank account and will not make you have to change your relationship status on Facebook. One simple yet romantic gift option is a trip to the movies. Some people love a trip to the movies after a long day of work, especially when they do not have to pay for admission or snacks. Of course you may have to sit through some garbage romantic film but, at the end, your partner will know how much you care about the relationship and you’ll know your bank statement will show more than just a fat zero. While it is true some movie theatres charge pretty high prices, especially for popcorn, those prices are far more reasonable then a brand new car or a gold necklace.

These ideas are not your only options when looking for a Valentine’s Day gift this year. Others include a nice meal out, a book your significant other would like or even some clothing. You should tread carefully when buying clothes for your girlfriend or wife though as it tends to be a much more complicated area, should you get the wrong size. Whatever gift you choose remember that its not for you but for your partner. The only thing that you should be concerned about is what they would like for their Valentine’s Day, and maybe the price tag on such an item.