Lead Up To Elections President

There is only one position that we haven’t gone over yet in terms of the BUSU election, and that is the head honcho themself: the President.

The President has the biggest responsibility on Council, as they are expected to lead effectively and with the best interest of the majority of students in mind. According to the BUSU website, the President is mandated to fulfill responsibilities including but not limited to : Chairing Council Meetings, acting as the main Union spokesperson on all student issues, providing input to all BUSU committees, acting as the Chair of the Campaigns and Government Relations committee, overseeing all campaign and government relations of the Union, providing long term strategic direction for the Union, Chairing executive committee, Board of Governors, KDC Board, Alumni and other committees.

The President is a full-time employee of the Student Union, salaried at 40 hours per week. Like the Vice-Presidents, the President’s salary works out to approximately $14/hour. Like many other salaried positions, there will be times when the President will work more than the allotted 40 hours in a week.

A Presidential candidate should consider that they cannot work alone. They need to be able to effectively lead their Council to make decisions that will impact the entirety of campus. In the past, Presidential candidates have campaigned on promises of integrity, fiscal responsibility, and transparency in their actions.

For more information about the position, contact current President, Nick Brown at Pres@BUSU.ca or pop by the BUSU office on the first floor of the Knowles Douglas Centre. 

You can also visit the Returning Officer, Krystal Kane, at the elections information booth on Mondays in the Mingling Area from 10:00AM to 2:00PM, or on Thursdays in front of the John E. Robbins Library from 9:30AM to 12:00PM.

We at The Quill wish all potential candidates luck in their run, and look forward to covering electoral events.