Pop Culture Of The Week- Slang

I’m ‘sups’ sorry for this one ya’ll. It’s gonna ‘b’ a bumpy ride all the way ‘thru’. In fact if you get epileptic seizures from flashing lights ‘u’ may want to sit this ‘1’ out cause it’s going to be Lit AF. For those who can handle it, prepare to get woke.

Slang is short language for short language. Sometimes short language is misspelling a word but so that it has all the proper letters to still sound right or it may be an acronym, initialism or abbreviation of some other type. It may even be just another word that people have accepted to have certain meaning.

Literally the English language is just made to communicate and what I mean by that is there is no absolute proper way to say or write certain words. As long as someone understands what you’re saying and you use the English guidelines for letters and sounds you’re technically speaking English. 

In some languages they have firm rules on what is what. The French have “Academie francaise” which is a council of forty people (Les Immortels) who deal with all matters of the French language. The German’s have the “Council For German Orthography.” In fact most languages in the world are endorsed by their countries and everyone is taught the official standard language.

Not English. Nope, nope, nope. That is why we are able to have all these fancy words that didn’t used to be words becoming slang. Here are two acronyms you may use but take for granted: Zip code (Zone Improvement Plan), and Radar (radio detection and ranging). Here is some slang to describe relationships: OTP (one true pairing), Ship (to describe people you think should be in a relationship), Bae (before anyone else).

This bastardization of the English language through text has been claimed by many to be ruining the English language. But really it isn’t. The English language was first thought to be ruined when William Duke of Normandy conquered Britain. It wasn’t. English was then going to be destroyed by the printing press. It wasn’t.

Texting and young people communicating are just innovative ways that the language is adapting and changing with the times. Adaption and change are not bad ideas. Would you say music is bad now a-days because its not played over a radio or that not every song has Gregorian chanting?

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