Dear Quintilius,

Where was the Italian pavilion this past weekend? The English were present (you know, the previous owners of the largest empire in the world) but you Romans were no-where to be seen.

 Sincerely, Rome’s Fallen Off



Dear Misguided,

The Romans are always present, at every event, and have a roll to play in every shape and form. The Latin/Roman pavilion is the Multicultural Festival itself. You talk about the English but where did they come from? Do you think they got to be the largest empire on their own or that they achieved superiority through their own political or military might? Who do you think brought order to the island initially?

The Roman influence can be seen in every major leader, in every major city, in every major battle in Britain. Their very language, religion, and weapons were brought to Britain from outside peoples. The Latins, the Germans, the Norse all influenced the England you come to know today.

The British were never truly an empire, merely a successful corporate business. Who really conquered India? The East India Company. Who really governed over 3.9 million km2 of North America? The Hudson Bay Company. Why did the Opium Wars occur? To force China to buy British opium. Why did the 13 States want to be free of British rule? Over taxed items such as tea. Britain has always put business ahead of country.

Here is a quote from a British and French Officer in battle. ‘British Officer: “You French fight for money, while we British fight for honour.” French Corsair: “Sir, a man fights for what he lacks the most.”’


All Salute The Eternal City,

Qunitilius of Rome