Rocket Game Corner - Harry Potter Years 5-7

I own seven copies of Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7. It started out with me just buying a copy for my Nintendo DS, because I’m a giant nerd and portable games are great. That first copy turned out to be glitchy, so I bought a copy on sale for my Wii. I have yet to finish the Wii version, and after my Nerdboy moved in with me, we had one game between the two of us that had a duplicate. If you guessed that game was Lego HP 5-7, you get a virtual cookie.

After we moved in together, he also brought his consoles with him. He already owned Years 1-4 on his XBox 360. He bought 5-7 so that we could play it together for his YouTube channel. 

He bought me a copy of 5-7 for the PS3 as a joke. At some point between when we moved in together and when he bought the 360 copy, I’d picked up a sale copy for my 3DS. We were up to five copies of the same game on four different platforms in our house at this point. It was getting a little out of hand. Adding a sixth copy was kind of icing on the cake. 

I thought we were done after that. I owned a copy for every console that we owned and it existed for. That should’ve been enough, right? Well, wouldn’t you know that Warner Bros. and the company that they work with for the Lego games, Traveller’s Tales, decided to remaster the game for the current generation of systems. So, now I have a copy for the PS4. 

I’m kind of expecting to get a copy for the PlayStation Portable that Nerdboy acquired over the summer. Because at this point, I may as well lean into the joke.