Pop Culture Queer Eye

If you watch Netflix and you haven’t seen Queer Eye yet- consider this your official invitation.

Queer eye is essentially a make over show. A guy gets nominated to get a make over, and ta da- The Fab Five Appear and help the man in five areas of his life: Fashion with Tan France, Grooming with Jonathan van Ness, Food and Wine with Antoni Porowski, Culture with Karamo Brown, and Interior Design with Bobby Berk.

So essentially, it’s a make-over show but even in the first episode it displays itself as so much more than that.

It takes toxic masculinity and throws. It. Out. The. Door. You want men who are encouraged to freely express their emotions? Check. Genuine dialogue? Yup. Stereotypes being ripped apart and thrown out the door? They got it. Self care for men being encouraged as a way to take care of themselves as opposed to simply being ‘gay’? Jonathan is dedicated to that.

They don’t avoid difficult subjects. “Dega Don’t” has Karamo Brown off to a rocky start after he’s pulled over by the nominee’s cop friend and the five later go on to find multiple Trump and Pence 2016 signs scattered in the house. In a car ride with the nominee he brings up the relationship of the cops with people of colour and the two are given the opportunity to discuss it one on one during the car ride. In the Camp Family episode the religiously active nominee and Bobby talk about the issues the church has with homosexuality. Bring tissues to that one.

Of course, it’s not all so deep, the Fab Five dig through closets and model headbands, and chase each other around the house with glitter and silly string. Dance together, poke good humoured fun at their current nominee, and they ask the real questions of their nominee’s, like “Why is there a ceramic kitten under a grown man’s bed?”

There’s only one season for the time being on Netflix, and there’s no official information as to when the second season with be released (It better be a when and not “if”), but each episode is an hour long and there’s eight episodes so it’s a perfect for a small Netlfix Binge.

You’re welcome.